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Maine girls are tough, @kelseyrizzo_ getting me out in 37 degree water. We didn’t last long, should have brought my booties. (at Kennebunk Lower Village)
My car keys were stolen while I was in yoga so I biked from the mission to Marin this morning, which was awesome. #hellafilters #bikecommute #SF  (at Chrissy Field Overlook)

58°46’32.0”N 93°39’29.6”W
View from #marinheadlands (at Vista Point)

So many feels.

(Source: rabbiting, via fuckyeahillustrativeart)

Bluebird Lake Tahoe day. Trying to remember how to ski at #squallywood  (at Tahoe Vista)
Total mystical dreamscape beyond the traffic #commute #goldengatebridge